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The Thellian Herald - Issue #1

The Thellian Herald - Issue #1
By Gabrielle Steele • Issue #1 • View online

Hi there, and welcome to the first issue of The Thellian Herald! I hope you’re well as we move into September. In this issue you’ll find writing updates, highlights from the blog, a poem written especially for this issue, and a writing meme. Enjoy!
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Writing updates...
This being the first issue, I ought to introduce my writing. My focus is epic fantasy novels, but I also write short stories, which vary from fantasy to speculative, with the odd scifi piece thrown in. Though I have very little work in the wild for now, I’m growing a sizeable collection, which I hope to find homes for beyond my own website. Each issue, I will include a bit about what I’ve been working on.
Echoes of Chaos
August has been a fantastic month for editing my epic fantasy novel, Echoes of Chaos. Working with amazing beta readers, I’m now halfway through my last pass for major edits. One of biggest changes this month has been a rewrite of a chapter, swapping it to a different character’s point of view. This has proved a to be great change and is a brilliant example of how valuable beta readers are.
Key to Truth
I continue to work on the first draft of another epic fantasy novel, Key to Truth. Currently a staggering 235k words, I expect it to finish at over 300k, at which point I’ll split it into a duology. This story is also set in the world of Thellian, eras before the events of Echoes of Chaos, when magic saturated everything. Writing Key to Truth takes much longer because of the huge amount of world building required. The current section is set entirely underwater, and it’s a fun challenge to write.
Short Stories
Though I’m very busy with Echoes of Chaos, short stories aren’t forgotten, and I have several drafts and rewrites in progress. I hope to eventually have more published stories to share with you. One of my new drafts is a scifi story for a publication’s September submission window, which has the theme “Joy”.
Life of a writer...
September means the start of a new school year here in the UK. As such, my son starts at pre-school, and from next week he’ll be there five days a week. This means a big change of routine for us as a family, and for me as a stay-at-home mum. I expect there will be little editing/writing happening in the next few weeks as we adjust to our new schedule.
In case you missed it...
At the end of June, I was thrilled to be published for the first time. Though it was a while ago, this is the first issue of The Thellian Herald, so I’d like to include it along with my blog highlights.
The Shadow Between Moments | Fudoki Magazine
Telling Yourself the Story
Parting words, a poem, and a laugh...
Before I let you get on with your day, I want to thank you for reading my newsletter. With only one story published, I’m still very much an unknown writer. It means a great deal to me to have people to send this newsletter out to. Please enjoy the poem below, written especially for this issue.
Farewell, until next month.
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