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The Thellian Herald - Issue #2

The Thellian Herald - Issue #2
By Gabrielle Steele • Issue #2 • View online

Hi there, and welcome to the second issue of The Thellian Herald! I do apologise for this arriving two days late, but September was a busy month. Did it fly by for you too? Feel free to hit reply if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions (or if you just feel like saying hi).
Writing updates...
Last month, I managed to come up with a few short story ideas, which need refining, and I got plenty of editing done. My beta readers for Echoes of Chaos now have 21 of 36 chapters, so the action is really picking up.
If you’re wondering how to find beta readers for your own projects, check out this article I recently wrote:
How to Work with Beta Readers
Life of a writer...
A few months ago, I signed up to be matched for a new writing group, as sadly the lovely group I was already part of are USA based, which means I can’t be a part of the video calls. I somehow ended up the leader of a new three-person writing group, but it’s working out great. We’re all UK-based fantasy writers, leaning towards epic plots, and our weekly topics are teaching us loads. If you’re a writer and not part of a group, I highly recommend finding one to join. Not only do we help each other learn, but we also critique each other’s work directly, a little like beta readers.
In the last issue, I mentioned that my son was due to start preschool. He’s been going for a month now, and he’s absolutely loving it (especially the sandpit). We’re getting used to the earlier starts, but the ~2 miles of walking a day, while it isn’t far, has increased my fatigue, leading to several unexpected afternoon naps. I fully expect my tolerance will increase, but in the meantime, our new sofa makes an excellent napping space.
In case you missed it...
Below are September’s blog highlights. I didn’t make the Furious Fiction contest’s long list, but I think it’s still an enjoyable story. October’s entry is already in, so fingers crossed I’ll have different news next issue!
The Clean-Up Guy – Furious Fiction September 2021
The Crisp That Opened a Door
Lock, Mock – VSS365
Parting words, a poem, and a laugh...
I hope you all have a fantastic October and success in all your endeavours. If you’re a writer, may inspiration run away with you.
Farewell, until next month.
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